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LPS Building
Long Pond School Overhead view
LPS field flag
LPS Governor's Educator of the Year Awards
Chargers Girls Basketball Team
Chargers Boys Basketball Team
8th Grade Cast of Shrek JR
8th Grade Superintendent Round Table Recipient

A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Long Pond School.  Our school serves the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students of the Andover Regional School District.  The faculty and staff are committed to providing each and every student with the best academic, social and emotional experience where the students are encouraged to try their best and to celebrate their accomplishments.

CHARGER PRIDE is something that all Long Pond School faculty and staff have been focusing on since the 2017-2018 school year.  What does it mean to be a CHARGER and what can you expect from CHARGERS inside and outside of the school setting?  Students will continue to be recognized by their teachers with "Charger Cash" tickets whenever they are observed demonstrating a CHARGER PRIDE characteristic (caring, honest, accountable, respectful, generous, empathetic, responsible, personable, reliable, idealistic, dedicated, energized).  We will also continue to recognize members of the Long Pond School faculty and staff each month as they demonstrate the same characteristics.

Do not forget to look at the LPS Google Calendar on our website as well for important dates and events.  

Take a look at the LPS Instagram page for some fun and informative posts/pictures: lpschargers


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